Y-Strap Adjustment In Palm Desert CA

Y-Strap Adjusment In Palm Desert CA

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Our Palm Desert CA chiropractic clinic is pleased to offer a variety of chiropractic techniques to meet your chiropractic needs. One technique that we offer, or more specifically “type” of adjustment is called the Y-Strap adjustment. The “Y-Strap” or “YStrap” is not so much of a technique, but a tool or adjustment device a chiropractor uses to decompress the cervical spine. This tool has been made famous by Dr. Joseph Cipriano of Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Cipriano has made this type of adjustment famous through his YouTube videos and has gained tens of millions of views from his YouTube videos.

So, What Is The Y-Strap Exactly In Palm Desert CA?

Y-Strap™ is a decompression tool used to stretch the back to release pressure from the vertebrae along the spine from top to bottom. It is inspired by manual spine traction techniques in the Y-Axis to help reduce the tension in the vertebrae along the spine

A link to a compilation of Dr. Joe’s Y-strap adjustments can be found here.

While not everyone is a candidate for the Y-strap adjustment, it can be very effective and provide a lot of relief for those who do get the procedure. It is very important to ONLY let a skilled professional perform this type of procedure on you. If you have seen Dr. Cipriano’s videos, you ‘ll notice that he gives everyone an thorough examination and full spine chiropractic adjustment BEFORE the Y-strap treatment. This is to ensure that the patient has no contra indications to this type of adjustment and it is safe to perform this technique on that particular patient.

If you are interested in the Y-strap adjustment, please give our office a call or ask Dr. Vella if you’d be a good candidate on your next visit. Rest assured that you are in great hands at Palm Desert Chiropractic and if this type of adjustment is right for you, it’ll be performed safely and effectively.

We’d like to give Dr. Joe Cipriano credit and a special shout out for making this adjustment famous all over the world through his YouTube videos. He has brought a lot of attention to not only this Y-Strap adjustment but also the healing powers of chiropractic and how effective it can be helping people get out of pain, back to health and living their best life.

If you’d like to schedule your first Y-Strap adjustment or would like to find out if it can help you, please call our office directly at (760) 636-1540 or fill out the form on this page and our office will contact you to set up an appointment.

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