How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Improve Your Golf Game In Palm Desert CA

How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Golf Game In Palm Desert CA

Chiropractic Palm Desert CA How Chiropractic Care can Improve Your Golf Game

Golf is a great sport that is fun for all ages and skill levels and has many other health benefits. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, most golfers will experience back pain at some point during their time playing the game. Many well-known professionals (Tiger Woods) have utilized chiropractic care to improve their game and there been some professionals to even receive chiropractic care on the golf course during a tournament. Brooks Koepka received THREE chiropractic adjustments during the same round! Contact our Palm Desert CA chiropractors today to stay at the top of your golf game.

The Links Between Golf and Chiropractic Care In Palm Desert CA

Golfers can greatly benefit from chiropractic care as when they are under care, their whole body performs better. For those of you who have ever swung a golf club, you understand how much coordination it takes for many parts of the body. Virtually every muscle in the body is engaged in some way, for example, the backswing for follow through. If just one joint or muscle is not functioning properly, this can cause an entire breakdown in the chain of movements it takes to swing a golf club. This can cause other parts of your body to overcompensate, which can lead to poor performance, lack of strength, decreased coordination and eventually pain. All of these will prevent your golf game from being what it should be.

Most athletes, not only golfers have misalignments of the spine or other bones of the body that they may be completely unaware of that could prevent them from playing at their highest level. Chiropractors call these misalignments “subluxations.” These subluxations are there whether your feel pain or not, and will lead to poor performance, poor coordination, poor posture and will result in more injuries. Chiropractors are specialists in removing these subluxations and restoring alignment, balance and function to these misaligned areas. This ultimately leads to increase performance and better health.

If Chiropractic Care Improves Tiger Wood’s Golf Game, It Should Improve Yours

Tigers Woods has been quoted as saying “I’ve been going to a chiropractor for as long as I can remember, it is as important as the practice of my swing.” Wow! Read that last part again… “…it is as important as the practice of my swing.” This is quite a statement from one of the most successful golfers in history. It demonstrates the importance that one of the world’s best golfers gets regular chiropractic adjustments to keep him playing at the highest level.

Back Pain Is The Most Common Golf Injury

According to Dr. Tom LaFountain, Director of Chiropractic Services for the PGA Tour, 80% of injuries suffered through golfing are back related. This is most likely due to the repetitive nature of golf. Swinging the golf club hundreds of times per round (warm up and practice swings included) in the same direction creates an imbalance in the musculature and alignment. Chiropractic care helps balance and align the body keeping it performing optimally.

Regardless if you are weekend golfer or consider yourself a pro, call Palm Desert Chiropractic today and come on in and get an adjustment. Regular chiropractic adjustments will relieve and prevent pain, improve your golf game and keep you feeling your best.

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