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Why Chiropractic

Everything we do, everyday that goes by, we are constantly subjecting our bodies and minds to various types of stress. These stressors build up over time and eventually start to cause "dis-ease" within our bodies. A combination of physical, emotional or chemical stress ultimately leads to less than optimal health and decreased functioning of our body's systems.

All functions of your body are controlled by nerves. Many of these nerves and nerve pathways are within the spinal column. When spinal bones become misaligned (called a subluxation) due to stress, ultimately this starts to compress spinal nerves and decreases the body's ability to communicate with the tissues and organs and "dis-ease" happens within the body. Many times our body will give us a signal of this through pain, but also there can be no pain at all.

The big idea of chiropractic is to create optimal health through proper nerve function/communication throughout the body.