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Pickleball! Reduce Injuries and Improve Performance!

Pickleball! Reduce Injuries and Improve Performance!

What was Palm Desert Chiropractic’s number 1 injury in the last year?

Pickleball! Pickleball has been all the rage lately and with all the bending over, changing direction, and reaching for the ball we are seeing a ton of injuries walking into our office! From elbow pain to low back pain to rolled ankles, we are seeing it all. Regular chiropractic care has been shown to reduce the risk of ankle injuries.[4] Additionally, adjustments of the neck can even reduce elbow pain![3] We are also seeing many low back injuries and sprain/strains directly related to pickleball. Whether you are looking to prevent injuries or decrease your symptoms and healing times of injuries, chiropractic can help.

Looking to Improve your Pickleball Game?

Studies have also shown that chiropractic care can improve sports performance[1], improve lower leg strength[2], and increase hip strength in as little as one adjustment![5] Being on a regular chiropractic care plan is critical in order to move and play at your best while avoiding injuries. At Palm Desert Chiropractic we treat many recreational and competitive athletes who come to stay at the top of their game and avoid injuries. Call us and book an appointment today!

This article was written by Dr. Matt Torres, who recently joined the Palm Desert Chiropractic Team. Dr. Matt is experienced in taking care of all kinds of athletes such as rugby, tennis, pickleball, and more! To book an appointment with him, call our office at (760) 636-1540 and ask to schedule with Dr. Matt.


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July 13, 2022
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